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Photos from the Mounties 70th Birthday Celebration


[The In Memoriam page has been updated with names and available obituaries.]

Recent Obituaries

We regret to announce the following classmates passed away recently:  Judy Luks (posted 5/12/19); Carla Ellis (posted 3/22/19); Ed Moody (posted 8/14/18); Michael Breed (posted 4/3/18); John Franklin Wade (posted 12/8/17); June Moore Smith (posted 9/29/17); Jim Mallory (posted 7/2/17); Paul Dawkins (posted 4/17/17); Jerome Haley (posted 4/2/17); Sam McDavid (posted 3/9/17); John Wheatley (posted 10/1/16); Judy Lyford (posted 4/22/16);  Julie Monsky and Carl Bush (posted 2/8/16) ;   Sandy Reisman and Ken Barclay (posted 1/28/16);   and Deborah Anne Stanford (posted 1/20/16). We have also posted newly discovered obituaries for classmates Sue Hill, Mike Roberts, Doug Riddle, Gail Ryan and Brad Teague.

News From and About Classmates


Ernie Eldridge is the featured artist at Forstall this Month

Date: 10/7/19
From: Marcia Mouron
Subject: Here is the info and one of his amazing pictures to lure you down to enjoy more!

My art is already hanging at Forstall Art downtown on 20th St. North between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The 4:30 to 6:30 wine and cheese reception will be Thursday, October 10. I would love to see all of my SVHS and Facebook friends come by and check it out!

Thanks, Ernie.

Susan Green

Date: 3/14/19
From: Marcia Mouron
Subject: SVHS Mountie Susan Green's book

Susan Green asked me to post the following announcement about her book that's now on Amazon…just in case some of you haven't heard her yelp of "Yeehhhh-ussss!":

Her book is entitled Confused: A True Story of Flawed Love, Control and Abuse. (Sounds delightful, huh?) There's actually some humor in this memoir of a marriage turned sour (ever heard of such?). It's a tale of entanglement, extrication and self-discovery. And it's a true story.

I'd so appreciate your checking it out at the following link:

Robert Banker

Date: 1/11/18
From: Marcia Mouron
Subject: SVHS classmate Robert Banker

Cynthia Hudson Eldridge asked me to post her followup . . .

Robert is doing well considering. He is going to be living with Guy Franks for awhile he is moving in today. He has a phone so if you have his number give him a call. He is working re-establishing all his contacts. Leave him a message SV friends he is so grateful in fact he is overwhelmed! Thanks, Cynthia Hudson Brast Eldredge


Date: 1/2/18
From: Marcia Mouron
Subject: SVHS classmate Robert Banker

Cynthia Hudson Eldridge asked that I pass this on to everyone about a classmate Robert Banker. . .

Robert Banker's home: his RV was lost to a fire early New Years Day. Robert was able to get out with only the clothes on his back. Robert did not have insurance so a Go Fund has been set up to help Robert get back on his feet.​ We are lucky Robert is still with us! The Go Fund link is:
Cynthia Brast Eldredge has reposted ​the link on her Facebook page also.


1st Thursday Christmas Party at Home of Roanne Jones and Murray Tyson
December 7th - 5:00 P.M

(12/12/17) Hoover's Chief of Police came to my house on Monday and picked up the 3 HUGE bags of children's gifts. The elementary resource officers will make sure that they get to the right families. Chief Derzis thanks all of you for your generosity.

It was such a delight to be with those of you who could attend the First Thursday Christmas Party!


(click to enlarge.)


Bruce Bouncher

(Posted 2/1/17) Here are two pictures of my trip to Havana I had just moved to London last year and was not able to come to the reunion. The first photo was taken at a pharmacy from the 1850s, and the second was taken in the lobby of the Bacardi Building, a great Art Deco find.


News - Older


Pat Donovan Hope's Son, Ben

Date: 1/29/17
From Martha Rast DeBuys
Re: Pat Donovan Hope's Son, Ben
If any of you get a chance, treat yourselves to the show at the Virginia Samford Theatre starring Pat's son, Ben Hope. He is beyond talented and handsome, and the performance is wonderful! It is playing through Feb. 12th.


50th Reunion held on August 13, 2016

Our 50th Reunion was be held at The Vestavia Country Club on August 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM. Entertainment was be provided by The Bassmen. Visit the 50th Reunion Page for all information about this important event.

1st Thursday get together - December 3, 2015 at Marc and Diane Booth's house.

(Posted 12/10/2015 - click to enlarge.)

December 2011 - 1st Thursday gathering

(12/2/11) These toys were collected from SVHS alumni at the Dec 2011 1st Thursday gathering. Picture taken at Marcia Moron's house before delivery to the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots annual Christmas toy drive. (Click to enlarge.)

"When I started to pack the presents up I thought that they were all so nice and figured a picture was in order". - Marcia

Martha Rast DeBuys

(2015) Martha's son Tommy Dewey was on a sitcom (since cancelled) called "Roommates" that premiered 3/23/2009 and aired Monday nights on the ABC Family channel. His name on the show was James and was scheduled to air for 13 episodes. Tommy had a guest appearance on "Criminal Minds" March 25th, 2009.

Dewey got his start in the daytime soap, "The Guiding Light". His first TV role was in the Amanda Bynes TV show called "What I Like About You" One of his breakout roles was playing opposite Mindy Kaling in first season of the show, "The Mindy Project", where he was one of her love interests. As of 2015, Dewey is co-starring in the Hulu TV show, "Casual".

Richard Dabney

(9/11/09) Pictured with the 9th Earl Spencer (Princess Diana's younger brother) and Jeanie Murphy. Birmingham Wholesale Furniture was celebrating the launch of Althorp Home Furnishings. Lord Spencer had authorized a furniture company out of High Point, NC to reproduce 450 items from his house Althorp, where Princess Di was buried. I had been asked to attend with friends. (Click to enlarge.)

In 2006, Richard published Birmingham's Highland Park. The book encompasses the history of Birmingham's most interesting neighborhood from the 1880s to 2006. It is a pictorial history so nothing to do but enjoy the photographs and read the descriptions of the first Alabama-Auburn football game, as well as descriptions of some of the finer houses and families. Many of the founding families in Birmingham once lived here. The neighborhood is host to Do Dah Day, Rojo, The Donnelly House, Independent Presbyterian Church, and more. The book is available at most bookstores in town, and The cost is $19.99.

Beth McKinstry Lee

After looking at the LOST page Beth has given us information to help find a number of people. Thanks Beth!

Jim Lacefield

Four SVHS alums were lucky to have recently hiked at his preserve. Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve is the vision of Jim and his wife, Faye. The area has been lovingly tended to highlight the archeological, geological and biological features of this beautiful preserve. There is no fee. Maps and information are provided to make your time there both enjoyable and a learning experience. See the Links Page for more information about this beautiful place. (Click to enlarge.)

Jim (Tatem) Rowland

I'm back on the Boeing 747 program after an 18 year "vacation" on the 777, and will be celebrating my 30 year anniversary at Boeing on July 18th.

Alice Cline Parker

I'm a professor at University of Southern California (USC) and am working on research involving a future artificial brain. We live in a microclimate suitable for growing bananas, which we raise. We harvest about 150 at a time! At USC it is not suitable-drier and less moderate. My son is a student at USC in Engineering. The picture (see below) is of my brother Bob (also a SVHS grad '65) and me. I do some charity work for the Josh Groban Foundation as well. We'll have a cookbook for sale on the Warner Brother's Josh Groban store website soon. The link to it is on the Links Page. Also check out the Links Page to read about the wonderful honor she received this year.

Marc Booth

Marc wants to find others interested in either sailing or motorcycle riding. Contact us and we will pass it on.

Photo Montage

Submit your vacation, hobby, humorous, family and party photos with a caption to be included in the Photo Montage. Email snap shots to

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Susan Green: "At the Gorges du Verdon - Well, hey, I couldn't resist bragging about my two-month sojourn in southern France last Spring. " (posted 1/30/16) Susan Green:  "At Monte Carlo ATP tournament - Terrible pic of me, but who cares! I'm 'with' Roger Federer! "
(posted 1/30/16)
Susan Green: "At my favorite sculpture in Lacoste." (posted 1/30/16)
Barnett Williams: "The Mt. Evans shot was the 1st Colorado Fourteener of the 9 I've been able to climb so far." (posted 1/29/16) Barnett Williams: "The Ocoee here in Tennessee is my home river and I still spend as many weekends there as possible."
(posted 1/29/16)
Barnett Williams: "This Ohiopyle race is up in Pennsylvania so I only get up about every 4 or 5 years.... This year I had my highest finish at 2nd (in open boats)." (posted 1/29/16)

Sidney Keywood with his restored '59 Cushman

Ruby Bassett and Ed McCowan at the Junior/ Senior Prom in 1965

Ruby Bassett McCowan and Ed McCowan shortly after they were married in 2004

Ken Norton and his wife, Mindy in 2008 on their first cruise...Alaska

Sam and Claire Black Parker at Coker Creek Falls, TN

Jim Lacefield leading a group at his Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve in Tuscumbia, AL

John Wheatley sent a picture of Lord Byron & the Poets in the good old days

John Wheatley playing drums

Alan Alsobrook and wife Anne riding the Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia

Alice Cline Parker and brother Bob Cline (SVHS '65 grad)

Marcia Mouron displaying her girls' work

Glenn Christian is a member of the American Legion Riders and the Patriot Guard Riders in Las Vegas, NV

Kay Montgomery Vinson sees the world with her artist eye

Judy Luks and Paula Deen sharing recipes

Susan Green, Spike Smith and Judy Luks at DeSoto Falls

Cynthia Hudson Brast and Elvis

Doug Slick with his favorite two dimensional hobby

SVHS back parking lot
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