Shades Valley High School Class of 1966

In Memoriam

SV Tower Clock The following is a list of classmates who have passed away along with links to individual pages with obituaries and photos, if available.

The list is updated when we receive notifications from family, friends or read about a death in the newspaper.  If you learn of a classmate's passing or know of a name that should be added to the list, please let us know by sending an email to or call 205.979.8115.

This page was updated on 8/13/19.

Gone . . . But Not Forgotten . . .

Rodney C. Abbott (O)

William H. "Billy" Adams (O)

Carl Anderson (O)

Michael Loren Breed (O)


Dennis Ray Bullock(O)



Carl Newman Bush (O)

Walter Clopton (O)

Kenneth Edward Barclay (O)

Paul Eugene Dawkins Jr. (O)

Mary Duffey McKibbin (O)

Carla Ellis Barton (O)

Linda Joyce Eubanks Drescher (O)

Howard Haston Garrison (O)

Barbara Goldstein


David Jay Goldstein (O)


Helen Goodwin Stoppelbein

Billy Gunn

Rufus Jerome Haley (O)

Linda Hall

Joan Hairston Brown

Thomas Louis Dorroh (O)

Barry Ray Harrell (O)

Janette Hatcher Gray (O)

George David Hewson

Cheryl Hill Hatfield

Rebecca Sue Hill Wirt (O)

Susan Hill Hogle

Bruce Jackson

Linda Jones Dupree (O)

Karol Kesmodel

Carleton (Put) Ketcham (O)

Carolyn Klyce Robinson (O)

Albion (Al) Knight (O)

Larry Reed Knox (O)

Harold Larson

Henry Hurst Lemmon

Jack G. Levine, Jr. (O)

Harmon McNolen (Mack) Lowry

Judith (Judy) Luks (O)


Henry James "Jim" Mallory (O)


Judith Elizabeth Lyford Mead (O)

Samuel L. McDavid (O)

George E. McDonald (O)

Katherine (Kappy) Mills Hamilton

O. L. Mims

Julie Monsky Metzger (O)

William Lee Monroe

Edwin Thomas Moody, Jr. (O)

Alan Farrell Moon (O)

Linda June Moore Smith (O)

Peggy Louise O'Bear (O)

Blair Orstadt

Kenneth N. Paisley (O)

Cay Patterson Braswell (O)

Mary Beth Potts

John Patton

Robert B. Peckham

Sanford H. Reisman (O)


Richard Rhame


James Robert Richardson

Barry Douglas Riddle (O)

Joe Michael Roberts (O)

Drucilla Ann Rochester

Dorothy Gail Ryan (O)

Leigh Ivey Sellers (O)

Anita Shaw Marcus

Stuart Norris Shevin (O)

Howard Shirley

Sue Simmons Estes (O)

Anne (Missy) Smith Schmitt (O)

Barton Sperry Snow (O)

Deborah Anne Stanford Smith (O)

Brad Emory Teague (O)


Tommy Ray Thomas (Class of '67) (O)


Jack Trawick - 6/11/09


Myra Vick Whitson


John Franklin Wade (O)


Joanne Ward Webb

Roy Edwin (Ed) Watkins

John Fox Wheatley, III (O)

Robert (Bob) Harry Whitten, Jr

Lewis (Dave) Williams

John Clancy Willis

David Felder Wright

James (Jimmy) Dewey Wright

SVHS back parking lot
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