Shades Valley High School Class of 1966

Lost Classmates

The names listed below are those for whom we have NO contact information.  Our Reunion Committee devotes many hours of research each month in an effort to find these "lost" folks but are not always successful despite making many phone calls and using various Internet seach tools. Please help us locate these classmembers.  If you know how to contact any of them, please send the phone numbers/email addresses to Marcia Mouron at

If your name is on the list, please send your updated contact information. Also, please help us update our Class Directory in preparation for our 50th Reunion and beyond. Use the Directory Update Form to send your up-to-date address and other biographical information that will be included in our 50th Reunion Book. It will be given to everyone at the event and can be ordered afterwards if there are copies available.

If you prefer, send an email to us at

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Marcia Mouron

(Listed alphabetically by 1966 Last/Maiden names)
This List Updated: 7/26/16
Elaine B. Abbott
Susan Brookie Albright
Judy Arnold
Linda Barclay
Terry Belser
Harry Blaylock
Susan Brasfield Batson
Barbara Burbank Anderson
Susan Brasfield
Linda Brooks Thomas
Ginger Bryant
Barbara Burbank Anderson
Martha Jean Byars
Leigh Callahan Murray
Carol Ann Carter
David Congdon
Sally Ann Cummings
Charles Dekle
Genevieve DePre
Linda Ann Dickinson
Barron Durden
Pam Edwards Barrett
Jim Farmer
Sally Ann Farmer
Henry Feld
Claire Fisher
Thomas Floyd
Robert Marion Garrett
Pat Garwick Flowers
Tina Gibb Davis
Sonny Gray
Bruce Green
Sandra Haigh
Dottee Harris
Jim Hart
Charles Morris Hines
Kenny Hooks
Michael Lee Howell
Laura Hudson
Sherry Lynn Hungerford
Clarence Edward Ingram
Aurea Jimenez
Travis Jones
Cathy Kelley
Glenn Krause
James Hoyt Latta
Margie Lee Wallace
Edmond Lett
Jerry Levy
Joanne Marshall
John Masiello
Diane Maxwell
Peggy Joyce McCullough
Shari McKay
Thomas Miller
Kenneth Nielson
Theresa Ann Patrick
Charles Patton
Anne Wilson Pierce
Nancy Powell
Dale Roger Prest
Yvonne Price Prescott
Richard Pyle
Joseph Rash
Thomas Awe Robinson
Bruce James Rundlett
Nora Ryan
Ruth Franklin Sanders
Kathy Shields
Etsuko Shiozaki
Ann Simmons
Hugh Lee Simpson
Janice Gail Sims
Jerry Smith
Mitzi Smith Linder
Catherine Snider
Van Stillman
Wanda Sturgis
Elgin Thomas
Mike Tisdale
Lavon Scott Traylor
James Eugene Tubbs
Ivy Turner
Gail Twitty Lyerly
James Henderson Vaughn, Jr.
Andrew Veren
Joan Carolyn Walker Elder
James Melton Wallace
Linda Weatherwax
Mary Weed Moetz
Carol Elizabeth Wheeler
Nancy Ellen White
Robert Kenneth Williams
Steve Williams
John Wilson
Anne Wilson Pierce
Peggy Windle

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