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One of the Last Large Classes

Program The Class of 1966 was one of the last large classes (588 students) at Shades Valley which was designed to house up to 1,500 students. Total initial enrollment in 1949 was 870. By 1955 it was up to 1,456 and then 1,701 in 1956. However, in 1959, Mountain Brook formed its own school system. Initially, students were allowed to continue attending Shades Valley for a fee while Mountain Brook constructed its own high school. Later, county students in Vestavia Hills and Hoover began to attend the new Berry High School, a part of the Jefferson County system. Despite losing students to the new Mountain Brook and Berry high schools, 1967's enrollment reached 2,000. In 1970, Homewood also formed an independent school system, operating under a similar arrangement of allowing students to attend Shades Valley while Homewood High School was built.

Our class listed 517 students in the Graduation Program, and 588 names included in the 1966 Tower yearbook. By comparison, the Class of 1963 listed 528 names in the tower, and the Class of 1970 had only 267 names.

TowerGraduation Program and 1966 Tower Pages

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